I’m So Glitché by Kathy Lovas
September 10 to October 8, 2016
Opening reception Saturday, September 10 from 6 to 9 p.m.

Liliana Bloch Gallery launches its public program URBANO featuring LOSS by Pierre Krause

Loss  (Gesture One), oil pastel on paper, 2016

The Liliana Bloch Gallery is proud to launch its public program URBANO. URBANO cements the gallery commitment to educate and promote the understanding of contemporary art by way of exhibiting selected public artworks. URBANO will include curatorial initiatives outside the physical realm of our interior gallery space. . As a part of our launch, the Liliana Bloch Gallery invites the public, educational institutions and collectors to visit the facilities and places where URBANO projects will take place. We understand the importance of promoting public art as it enhances the lives of our community and nurtures the freedom of expression. Although public art can take many forms and scales, it is always distinguished by its unique relationship with how is made,where is located and what it means.

URBANO begins with the unveiling of LOSS by Pierre Krause. Krause is a post-lol multimedia thing-maker living an anonymous life in Dallas, Texas. Their conceptual whatever works have been exhibited locally as well as in New York, Denmark, Sweden, Switzerland, and Japan.

Krause created a site specific piece "LOSS" where she uses gestural shapes to evoke feelings of contemplative nature. They state: "Mourning and Loss. An Offering. A Continuing. The Emitting Effect of Quiet. Expressing the Tender Gesture of the Deeply Felt Thing."

Opening Reception: Saturday, September 10 from 6 to 9 p.m.


Liliana Bloch Gallery represents emerging and mid-career, regional, national and international artists working in a variety of media.
The Gallery works with institutional and private curators establishing simultaneous involvement between collectors, for-profit, educational art venues and the general public.

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