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Nathalie Alfonso


Nathalie Alfonso (b. 1987, Bogota, Colombia) holds a Bachelor in Fine Arts from Florida International University and is currently pursuing a Master of Fine Arts at Southern Methodist University. Alfonso has exhibited and performed her work in galleries, universities, and in public spaces, such as Marymount University in Washington D.C., Spinello Projects, Art and Culture Center of Hollywood, Miami Beach Urban Studios, The Projects – Fat Village, The Annex – Fordistas, Miami Beach Botanical Gardens, and La Factoria – Ecuador. She has curated and exhibited in Miami and Fort Lauderdale for the past four years and is currently developing research in Dallas Texas. Her work investigates the value of manual labor, the degeneration of the body, and notions of impermanence through drawing, installation, and video. Her necessity to merge the practice of cleaning and art-making is utilized to observe her constant obsession with cleanliness and is manifested in the impermanent installations done with the repetitive movements use to apply and remove charcoal in different surfaces: walls, rags, and paper.

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