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Iván Buenader


Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina and based in Mexico City, Mexico since 2009, Iván Buenader’s work seeks to abolish language, and at the same time supports on it. It addresses the original thought, not the ideas. It overrates the symbols in order to diminish them. It sends messages to intuition, not to reason. Either through photographic installations or his blog “Lo negare todo (I Will Deny It)”, he aims to encourage the analysis and subsequent critique of our customs and traditions with a filter that will enrich our poetic interpretation of the world.

Iván Buenader’s work is characterized for exploring the limits of literature in relation with visual and performing arts. His exhibition history includes Les Sentiers de la Creation, 2016 at the Association Les Amis de Lizières y Galerie du Lycé e Jean de La Fontaine de Château-Thierry, Picardy, France, Boca abajo sobre el sol (individual, MAC8, Aguascalientes, Mexico), Then/Now/Next (Gladstone Nuit Blanche, Toronto, Canada), Memorias flotantes (White Spider) 2014, Ser o no sur (Museo José Luis Cuevas, Museo de la Ciudad de Querétaro, Mexico) 2013, Codo a codo (Universidad Iberoamericana) 2012, Bienal Internacional de Estandartes, Tijuana, Mexico 2010 and the Bienal Internacional de Poesía Visual, México 2009, among others. In 2015 Iván Buenader came to Dallas, Texas as a resident artist at Centraltrak, The University of Texas at Dallas Artists Residency, which provides space for eight artists to live, work and exhibit, and serves as a community center for broad intellectual discourse around the arts.

Buenader holds an Information Systems Degree from Universidad de Buenos Aires in Argentina. He has directed interdisciplinary projects such as CFW Poet Agency, which included more than 60 artists and was presented in cultural centers, museums and theaters in Mexico, Argentina and the United States.

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