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The Demented Goddess

I call this my mask: Tim Best’s Poser Project

Liliana Bloch became an American resident in 2001, after leaving her native El Salvador. An economist by training, she entered the art world in Dallas, where, less than five years ago, she opened the Liliana Bloch Gallery in the Design District. Her shows are often daring

The Demented Goddess, self-described as, “a polysexual, multi-cultural online magazine, dedicated to the untamed feminine in contemporary and forgotten cultures” has conducted an interview with our very own, Tim Best as part of their 19th issue. His photography also accompanies other studies in the issue.

“Tim Best is an artist currently based in Dallas.  His work, in film and photography, shown across the U.S. and in Berlin, subverts the male gaze, looking at what happens when a male photographer is turned into a sexual object.  Here, Tim shares  photographs and film stills from his Poser Project and discusses hitting a nerve with men trying to play themselves.”

Read the full interview here.

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