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Save the Date: A Posteriori at Liliana Bloch’s New Art Space

After a brief delay due to the public health crisis, Liliana Bloch Gallery has announced the opening of its new location at 4741 Memphis Street, in the Dallas Design District, with A Posteriori, a group show.

This exhibition aims to open an honest conversation about how the current world COVID-19 crisis has affected, threatened, and challenge every aspect of our present and future life as we know it. The show will include works by Nathalie Alfonso, Alicia Eggert, Alicia Henry, Tim Best, Ann Glazer, Ryan Goolsby, Vince Jones, Kathy Lovas, Leigh Merrill, Pedro Vélez, Sally Warren, and other artists to be announced at a later date.

This exhibition will be open to the public by appointment following a strict protocol of safety measures. Masks will be required to enter the gallery. A virtual opening party will be held on Saturday, June 19th. During the run of this exhibition, the gallery will also have a corresponding interview program that will feature national and international guests that will serve as a platform to discuss the pandemic as well as other congruent themes that are relevant to our current state.

“The gallery would like to stress that we are aware and sympathize with the financial instability many of us are dealing with, so participant artists have been given the option to submit work that reflects the difficulty of artmaking during current conditions. Despite this, the work presented aims to be received as a pure sentiment, in solidarity with all those who have been affected by the pandemic,” says Liliana Bloch.

Bloch continues, “The decision to open with a group show was made after much stress and careful consideration. Kathy Lovas was set to open the new location with a solo exhibition, and we have been having long phone conversations every week, assessing where things are regarding the pandemic. We made the decision to postpone her solo show because it just doesn’t feel like the right way to come back to the art scene given the circumstances,” Bloch explains. “In addition, I have not seen an honest and raw visual art conversation in Texas about the health crisis. I hope to change that with A Posteriori, and I can’t wait to see what the participating artists will produce.”

We asked Bloch if she felt as though the stakes are higher for artists and galleries to produce work during the shutdown:

“That is a good question, and difficult to answer because every gallery has its own commercial and artistic objectives. I think my gallery and roster has always operated with the premise that our reputation is at stake in every single show that we produce. I want to believe that with the lockdown, we will understand the importance of living in a visually enriching public, personal, and working environment, and this may lead to an increase in collector numbers. Art has always been therapeutic, and the lockdown may have taught us that the objects that surround us do matter, and they do make a difference in our physical and psychological well-being.

I must say that the stakes are high for us all to find new ways to communicate and be patient with the imperfections and limitations we are experiencing. As painful as this time has been, it is also a one in a lifetime opportunity to come out if better, and wiser.”

A Posteriori will be on view June 20–August 1