May 12 – June 16, 2018

UNMADE, Christian Fagerlund’s first exhibition at Liliana Bloch Gallery, consists of two recent series of oil paintings. The first is a group of back portraits. Using a relatively consistent setting, composition, and scale, these paintings collectively explore themes of self, specificity, and vulnerability.

The second series represents a departure from Fagerlund’s figurative realist approach and its focus on naturalistic drawing and form. These paintings are distillations of complex visual moments—records of a specific time and location, scrupulously observed and represented as ratio, value, and color.

pictured above: Christian Fagerlund, Regine, 2018, oil on panel, 8″w 10.75″h

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Lake Cisco, TX. December, 5:35pm
Christian Fagerlund, Lake Cisco, TX. December, 5:35pm, 2018, oil on panel, 18″w x 18″h