November 19 – December 30, 2016

The Liliana Bloch Gallery is proud to present its second URBANO public program entitled TRINITY RIVER PROJECT by Laray Polk and Marcos Lutyens. Lutyens and Polk will combine their practices to create the TRINITY RIVER PROJECT. The exhibition has no fixed location, and won’t occupy three-dimensional space in the usual sense. The project will kick off with the publication of a series of journalistic articles related to the Trinity River on Oct.10th. The articles, one appearing each day over a two-week span, will be published on D Magazine’s blog, FrontBurner. As a culminating event, on Saturday, Oct. 22, Lutyens will conduct a guided meditation at an outdoor location (TBA) along the Trinity River. Reservations to attend the Oct. 22nd event can be made through the Liliana Bloch Gallery.

As collaborators, Lutyens and Polk seek to provide an opportunity for the viewer (as reader and contemplator) to become uprooted in their perceptions of the Trinity River, then re-rooted in the spirit of new possibilities.

Read Laray’s Essays on the Trinity River Project here.

pictured above: Marcos Lutyens, Trinity River Project: Ten Inductions, 2016, sketchbook, paintings, and induction stones, dimensions variable

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The Trinity River
Laray Polk, The Trinity River, 2016, charcoal on wall, dimensions variable