January 7 – February 11, 2017

“I often find myself obsessing over things that many people overlook. Derelict signs stripped of neon. A bike rack on a public sidewalk. Strings of holiday lights cascading from a ceiling. A cast iron radiator affixed to a wall. I am drawn to the latent functionality of these objects – the glimmer of a possible purpose in an otherwise inert being. There is a strange beauty in this limbo, when entities are caught between something and nothing, between a point and pointlessness.

In the past I worked as a photographer. But now, instead of documenting, I pluck these things out of their environment and make them into something else. Using wood, steel, and paint I recreate these forms, stripping away the context, distilling them into studies of shape and color. In doing so they open up to possibility, asking to be reimagined as purposeful entities. Becoming totems, tools of communication, and existential icons, these objects can be interpreted as a form of societal language or as future remnants of contemporary life. Yet at their core they are still stationary items, simply “things” onto which we project the desire for purpose, the need for reason. Ultimately this duality, the push and pull between being something and nothing, begs the larger question of why we torture ourselves with the struggle of purpose instead of enjoying the gratification of simply existing.”

-Ryan Goolsby

pictured above: Ryan Goolsby, Untitled, 2016, hickory, paint, 9”w x 16.75”h x 3.875”d

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