March 31 – May 5, 2018

The Future’s Ecology is Perzyński’s second solo exhibition at Liliana Bloch Gallery, and the artist will present two major works: TABLE (2018), a large-scale photographic installation, and Epimentheus, a single channel video installation. Significant precursors to these works and the exhibition are TABLE (2015), “How to Explain Demoncracy” (1989) and “32°47’56.6640 N 96°50’9.2040″ (2016).

In his current body of work, Perzyński offers a shift in perspective: he tilts our gaze down toward the ground. He does this in Epimentheus with drone imagery and a new video display, and in TABLE with lens-based photography, digitally generated images, pictures from the newspaper, and archives from the Web. The work excavates art’s social and political foundation, often violent in nature, and brings it thoroughly into the present day.

Perzyński compares his practice to goal-oriented data hoarding but in this show more then ever he speaks about the hazards and profound limits of digital culture: the system is no longer voluntary. He reaches more deeply towards instinct and working with friends, to the informal and the improvisational. This doesn’t preclude his current efforts for deliberate, even programmed relentless labor.

In contrast to his solo show in 2015, this exhibition is physically discontinuous. TABLE comes in two parts, divided by Epimentheus on the gallery’s middle wall. Images are often set in close proximity – even within their own “aura” – but also in conversation with others, placed across the room. Historical images are cut loose of their historical restraints; others remain factual, are coded or replaced with the nearly private language of gestures, movement and energy.

Perzyński has devoted himself to working without stringent media theory since 1978 and in 1990, began working with sound, video, sensors and body-based interactivity and has produced works that incorporate architectural settings. His work has been presented in Argentina, Brazil, China, Germany, Greece, Israel, the Netherlands, Poland, Thailand, New Zealand, and the United States.

pictured above: Bogdan Perzyński, TABLE (detail), 2018

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