February 17 – March 24, 2018

The images found in The Fourth Book are the result of Corris’s continuing innovative use of the tools of typography, graphic design, and illustration to create art. This body of work explores satire and parody as a compelling statement about the power of art. Throughout his career, Corris has created art in conversation with the world of contemporary art and the world at large. For this current exhibition, the artist turns his attention to the depiction of the exercise of power, gender inequality, and cultural appropriation.

*Please note that any image in The Fourth Book may be fabricated as an independent and unique work of art similar to those exhibited in the main gallery. Please contact Liliana Bloch Gallery for further details regarding the commissioning of works.

pictured above: Michael Corris, Flag #2, 2017, pigment on cloth, aluminum flagpole, bracket, 60″w x 36″h, edition of 3

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