Prone Anxiety

SEPTEMBER 14th – NOVEMBER 16th, 2019

The Liliana Bloch Gallery is proud to announce a new solo exhibition by Shawn Mayer in its first participation at Sweet Pass Sculpture Park’s new media space, SP2.

Prone Anxiety is a collection of works derived from Shawn Mayer’s anxiety, which has afflicted the artist in the last few years. The work itself is an attempt to overcome fears born from that anxiety, or, at the very least, come to a clearer understanding of them. In this new body of work, Mayer becomes a maniac insider of the psychological transformation of American middle class in the era of social media.


Sweet Pass Sculpture Park is a 501(c)(3) organization located on an acre lot in west Dallas, TX. Sweet Pass started in October 2018 and has featured exhibitions with various local, regional, and international artists as well as local organizations in Dallas. Programming highlights emerging and mid-career artists in an outdoor setting on a rotating basis, with a focus on project-based exhibitions and contemporary art education and outreach. Tamara Johnson and Trey Burns are both artists who live and work in Dallas, TX.

More information about the Sweet Pass Sculpture Park project can be found here.

Read more about Shawn Mayer here.